This will be the expansion of the Centennial Bridge in Seville.

The Centennial Bridge was built between 1989 and 1991, as part of the infrastructures built in Seville for the celebration of the 1992 Universal Exposition and the city of Seville had been requesting its extension for a long time. To take advantage of the maintenance and replacement work on the tie rods, after all these years, their extension has also been scheduled.

The Centennial Bridge project will allow the restoration of the structure and the replacement of the 88 tie rods with new ones with more modern technology. With this update, the structural safety of the infrastructure is improved and a lane will be gained, which will eliminate the narrowing that the reversible lane currently supposes. Additionally, a median will be installed and containment systems will be improved.

In the work, the pylons will be increased laterally, where the new family of tie rods will be fixed at the lateral ends of the current deck.

For them, a series of transversal metal ribs will be arranged under the deck of the current cable-stayed section, in the tie-rod anchoring sections. At the end of these ribs the aforementioned braces will be anchored. The longitudinal edge beams of the current deck will rest on the ribs transmitting the vertical loads acting on the deck.

The transmission of the longitudinal component of the tie rods to the trough beams of the current deck will be resolved by means of a metallic lattice formed by planes of exterior diagonals and interior transverse posts. In this way, the connection to the current deck and the joint structural functioning of the bridge are guaranteed.

Finally, and once the new family of tie rods have been arranged, the obsolete ones will be removed, freeing up the space they currently occupy and which will make it possible to gain space for a new lane, leaving the final configuration of three lanes in each direction throughout the bridge.