Our training offer is aimed at engineering companies or technical departments creating their own customized training plan. With ENNDE you can choose from a wide range of thematic units or “pills” that will help you expand your skills in 3D design for engineering and manufacturing. This will make you an expert in CAD software such as SolidWorks and Catia, deepening your capabilities, tools and modules You decide your own training menu.



The official SOLIDWORKS certification program will help you to internationally corroborate your skills and competencies in the use and management of the different software modules. Prepare with ENNDE to pass the official certification exams in SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, SIMULATION and CAMWorks.



Currently, ENNDE participates in collaboration with the University of Malaga in the postgraduate offer detailed below:

  • University Master’s Degree in Mechanical Design with CAD and CAE Technologies for Product Development in Manufacturing and Mass Industrial Production.
  • Diploma of Specialization in Mechanical Design for the Development of Products for Manufacturing and Industrial Production.