The Brotherhood of Ntro. Father Jesús de la Puente del Cedrón and María Santísima de la Paloma, member of the Association of Brotherhoods, which participates in Malaga’s Holy Week, presented on Thursday March 22, 2018 the new Throne of the Virgin that began to be processed on Holy Wednesday of the same year. And for this, the brotherhood has counted on ENNDE, for the simulation of the behavior of its structure.

By means of the simulation and calculation by finite elements (FEM), after its design in 3D, Ennde has been able to analyze the behavior of the structure already manufactured, so that it is possible to know if said structure would withstand the mechanical conditions to which it is He exhibits in procession, given the mass of all the elements that the new throne has and the change in its geometry. The weight of the throne together with the structure is approximately 4.5 tons.

The date of presentation of the new throne of La Paloma has been postponed several times. Already in 2017, the brotherhood had to postpone its presentation due to delays in the delivery of certain items.

In 2018 the presentation date was also postponed, since it was going to be March 14, but the work was still unfinished: several elements such as the cresting and the varal heads were still missing. The event was prepared for the journalist Carlos Herrera to be the one to present it, since he himself was the man of the throne of the Virgen de la Paloma.

Finally, Miguel Ángel Blanco, who was in charge of the artistic direction of the project, was in charge of presenting it to the members of the brotherhood.

Ennde is proud to participate with the report of the simulation of the structure of this very important work in Malaga’s Holy Week.