Our CEO Carlos Pérez Infantes said one day:
“That the crisis is only an excuse to change and improve, without losing our values.”
We have taken it literally and today we can finally tell you that Ennde is 100% #PAPERLESS. We have eliminated paper from all company operations, both internal and external. Thus confirming our commitment to the environment and thus maintaining the digital vanguard of our company.

One of our values ​​is to be as respectful as possible with the environment, to do engineering without losing sight of that focus, and therefore all the internal processes of Ennde and with our clients and suppliers who depend on us are carried out from now on without the presence or use of paper.

In the previous months, a digitization of the entire training offer specialized in Solidworks was carried out, making the entire range of design courses in Solidworks online.

Dedicating ourselves to technology and r & d & i, from Seville and with national and international projection, it could not be otherwise. At Ennde, specialized engineering services, product development, technical office support, industrial design, and even manufacturing processes are now performed in a more environmentally friendly way.

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