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To facilitate your training we have divided the course into 8 modules.

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The modules are individual.

Diseño de piezas

Diseño de piezas

Part Design Methodology

Course aimed at learning a correct and adequate design method, the EDM methodology, which will allow us to create robust models with easy subsequent redesign, both in Solidworks and in other similar parameterization programs. The different phases of the method will be developed through examples and practical exercises when sketching and designing parts both at an operational and functional level.

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Parts Design I

Course focused on the structured design of complex pieces. The usefulness of advanced operations for the development of parts for manufacturing and design optimization will be exemplified. Through practical cases, part specifications as well as redesigns and the possibility of improvement will be calculated.


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Parts Design II

Course oriented to the advanced modeling of parts. The knowledge acquired in the “Parts Design I” course will be complemented, exemplifying the usefulness of new advanced operations and dealing with all the tools of the operating environment for design oriented to manufacturing and optimization. Renderings and calculations of curvatures and continuities will also be carried out in the different practical cases.

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Assemblies I

Course aimed at the part assembly environment in Solidworks. You will learn the use of the different position relationships between parts to generate a robust and optimized final product for redesign. All this accompanied by practical cases where the parts of the assembly will be structured in a hierarchical way and their centers of gravity will be calculated.

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Assemblies II

Course destined to the learning of a correct management of files of a project and assembly methodology. The process of developing a motion study will be shown together with its explosion, and it will be learned to detect different elements that can cause failures in an assembly for its subsequent solution.


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Parameterization I

This course is oriented to the use of equations for Solidworks parts. The process of creating parameters to configure and redesign different pieces, depending on different contexts and conditions, will be taught. Practical exercises will be addressed, which will show the different situations in which to use parameterization.

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Parameterization II

This course is oriented to the specialization of equations, programming and coding of parts in Solidworks. The use of the parameterization of more complex parts will be developed. In addition, parts that require programming for future specific designs and under specific conditions will be exemplified.

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Course oriented to the design of lines and ranges of parts in Solidworks. You will learn to generate configurable and customizable parts, as well as lines of parts and assemblies made up of different components. Together with the Parameterization Courses I and II, it is possible to address the entire part environment, for an efficient, optimized and programmed part design, allowing the generation of new designs quickly and without modeling errors.

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¿Qué beneficios aporta el diseño CAD de Ennde en tu carrera profesional?

  • Your newly acquired Ennde skills will be an improvement over traditional and outdated methods of designing and generate manual drafts and industrial design prototypes, streamlining design.

  • It is a methodology that is segmented into different disciplines, which makes it possible to choose a customized training plan for each user.

  • The skills and know-how acquired are used throughout the production process: From the initial design, to the final manufacture of the product, through analysis of the assembly, design errors, interferences, collisions, or even design behavior simulations.

  • It guarantees the highest quality of design and documentation in the shortest time, obtaining greater precision and reducing errors.

  • The knowledge and skills gained are easily reusable for other projects.

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